After years of hopping from place to place I think I’m finally in love with an apartment. It’s spacious, it’s in a good location, and it has a walk-in freakin’ closet. I’ve always fancied myself a bit of a nomad, after a couple months here I’m daydreaming about cerulean sectionals and having conversations about the benefits of financing versus paying with cash.

While I may be feeling this whole “settling down” thing, it’s going to take me a bit longer to commit to larger investment pieces. So until I find the perfect pieces I’m satisfying my need to decorate with smaller items from some of my favorite online shops like The Distillery market.

If you haven’t heard of The Distillery let me learn you a few things. While they’re based out of good ol’ Austin, the items they curate for their online store come from artisans and designers from all over the world. Every single item in their shop has that unique look that inspires the “Where did you get that?” comments we all aspire for when we’re showing friends around our new digs. Perfect.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your home for under $200, may I suggest the following items? Yeah, I think I may. Because you know you’d much rather look at all the pretty things than listen to me.

A colorful, crewel embroidery wall hanging

The Distillery Mid-Century Floral Wall Hanging | $195

No longer do you have to spend your days (upon weeks) scouring Austin vintage shops for that perfect mid-century piece to hang on your walls… The Distillery has done the work for you. Embroidery is everything right now and this piece has that perfect mix of retro-kitsch and warmth without being over-the-top. If the marigold doesn’t really fit your tastes, you can also always put a bird on it.

 A couple of brass buddy elephants

Pair of solid brass elephants | $75

I can think of at least a dozen ladies who would freak out if they saw these. A friend once told me that in Chile, white elephants with raised trunks are considered good luck. I wonder if if that luck is increased if the elephants are gilded? Definitely would double your good fortune if you double up… so it’s a good thing these come in a set.

A Mad Men era bar set

1960s Party Glasses and Brass Caddy | $195

It’s got the gold, it’s got the lines, it’s got an ice bucket… honestly I don’t know what else this amazing vintage bar set could need. Oh yeah, I remember. The booze.

I think you’re on your own for that element, though.

A fancy deck of cards to-go

German Leather Travel Card Case | $49

Once you have your friends over to ogle your golden elephants and drink from your fancy tumblers, what are you going to entertain them with? BOOM, they even got you covered here. Plus these sweet German playing cards come in a sleek leather carrying case so you can take your style on the road.

An IRL photo album

Wooden “Snaps” Photo Album | $52

Trust me, people will be much more interested in looking at your photos in this little number than they are when you hand them your phone going “LOOK!”

On a side note, what’s with old vintage wooden things and their very literal engraved captions? I have a bills holder a friend gifted to me that says “Bills” and my mother made a key holder when she was in high school with just “KEYS.” Anyways, I like it.

An herb garden that won’t die

Vintage Framed Linen – Herb Garden | $115

Yeah I’ve talked about doing vertical gardening but let’s be honest, I kill green onions in a Mason jar pretty quickly. I’d much rather have this framed, original Robert Darr Wert  (famous print maker and textile designer with a modernistic folk art style, in case you didn’t know).

A cool leather iPad sleeve

Leather iPad Sleeve | $85

Perfect for everyone minus vegans and Apple-haters. iPad Mini owners don’t have to feel left out, either.

Actually nice flatware

Set of Rosewood & Brass Flatware, 28 piece | $155

It was time for you to upgrade from that Ikea silverware as soon as you bought it. Get something really classy like this rosewood-handled cutlery set and you too can eat like a grown-up.

A cool cake stand

Amber Glass Cake Stand | $45

This may sound crazy, but of all the things I’ve seen on The Distillery market this little cake stand has called to me the most. I guess it’s because I have everything I could possibly need in my kitchen to make a cake/cupcake/quiche/pie/whatever, but nothing to serve it on. Plus, I can already think of a million other ways to use it. I mean, how good would an assortment of stone fruits look on this thing? Come on!

A leather train case

Leather Train Case | $148

Technically, my closet is IN my apartment so this counts as decor.

What? Get off my case.

ABOUT THE DISTILLERY MARKETThe Distillery is a collection of vintage, handmade, and specialty goods, owned and curated by brother and sister, Clif Claycomb and Catelyn Silapachai. We are based in Austin, Texas but find our products and inspiration from all over the world. All of our products are hand-selected and meet our high standards for quality. For more information visit us at  or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.