Honestly, I don’t care about the Super Bowl. Football is okay, I guess. And last year it taught me who Bruno Mars is, so that was cool… but as far as seasonal events go, the Super Bowl falls somewhere between doing my taxes and listening to lectures on how “summer bodies are made in winter.”

If you ask me and (let’s be honest) the majority of Americans, the best part about the Super Bowl is the food. However, while I love trying sweet potatoes as a crust for quiche and experimenting with the perfect temperature and time for getting salmon oh-so rare, I’m not as excited about making hot wings and potato skins. That’s why this weekend I’m picking up my potluck choice from Fresa’s. Their special Super Bowl XLIX menu features wood-grilled wings, jalapeño poppers, and seven-layer dip. You know, standard bar fare with a super flavorful twist. I’m glad Fresa’s is keeping it interesting because I seriously don’t care about the game. Plus while you’re there  you can pick up a Michelada or Margarita kit to-go. Everyone wins!

See Fresa’s special Super Bowl XLIX menu below and order ahead by calling 512.428.5082 or just email marianne@fresaschicken.com.