Had the pleasure to join Austin based ready-made cocktail, TEKEEN, for their happy hour last week at Takoba and was introduced to their signature cocktail “The WB”. Refreshing, fruity, and of course BOLD, this cocktail WILL be my new go-to. Oh and it’s low in calories. How perfect right? If you can’t make it over to Takoba to try this little diddy, you can actually make it on your own at home. Keep it in mind for those lazy Saturday afternoons at Zilker or just hanging with friends. Be warned however: TEKEEN contains 12% alcohol. It may look cute and innocent because of its pink color BUT you could easily catch a buzz after two. Not like that’s a problem though ;)

3850f8a55196cbf57e2fe89157d6749cThe WB

4.5 oz. of TEKEEN Passion Fruit

1 Tbsp. Fresh Watermelon

1 Basil Leaf

1.5 oz. Agave Nectar

0.5 oz. Fresh Lime Juice


  • Specs
  • Barton Creek Market
  • Riverside Grocery
  • Dons Liquor
  • Brodie Liquor Store
  • Riverside Liquor

For more recipes or more info on TEKEEN, visit their website.