Vodka Fest 2013

Oh Vodka. I remember you all too well. You were a staple in my life throughout college and I think I’ve tried every variation of you known to man. Watermelon, cherry, potato; you get the idea. Now that I’m grown and no longer have to settle for bottom shelf aka Burnett’s or Aristocrat (note: not hating here, just stating facts), I’d like to give you a second chance. I’ve sworn you off for so long because of our past love/hate relationship but now, I think I’m ready for you again. In moderation of course! ;)

Perfect opportunity for a reunion? Russian House’s Vodka Fest 2013. They have 100+ house infused vodkas. Wait, what?!

When: August 29th, 2013
Where: Russian House @ 307 East 5th street
Time: 7pm – 11pm

What To Expect:
-Over 15+ vodkas from all over the world
-Appetizers by Russian House
-Russian House Vodka Infusions
-Vodka Blind Tasting Contest
-Local DJ Music

$15 per person at the door
$100 per person VIP (25 seats in VIP Room)

Buy your ticket here!


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